Organic Baby Shower Gifts: Sets and Build Your Own Baskets

Organic baby shower gifts are perfect for new moms and dads. From curated bundles to build your own baskets, all of our baby gifts are made from the softest organic materials that are as cute as they are comfortable. And with every purchase you make, we donate an item to a child in need throughBaby2Baby.

Organic Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

The right baby shower gifts make life a little easier for new parents. That means not worrying about exposing their baby to harsh chemicals commonly used in cotton. It also means filling their drawers with cute baby gifts that their little ones will be comfortable in, day and night.

Organic Baby Shower Gifts: Sets and Build Your Own Baskets
Organic Baby Shower Gifts: Sets and Build Your Own Baskets

Why Choose Organic Baby Gifts?

Today, we know more about health and the impacts our choices make on the environment. More than ever, parents bringing a new person into this world want to make the right choices for their baby and the planet their kids will inherit. Giving organic baby shower gifts also lets new parents breathe a sigh of relief: They can rest knowing that their baby will be wearing soft, non-toxic materials free of pesticides, artificial dyes, and other contaminants that research shows can be absorbed into the body.

What Makes Them Organic?

Organic is more than a buzzword. To be certified organic, clothing producers have to avoid using toxic pesticides, insecticides, and dyes, many of which are commonly used in cotton production. Organic production also means avoiding genetically modified seeds. But more than that, organic farming means not polluting water sources and the soil, and taking an ethical approach to clothing production and the communities near cotton farms.

Size Chart
Size Height (inches) Weight (lb)
Newborn Up to 18 5 - 8
0-3 Months 18 - 23 8 - 12
3-6 Months 23 - 26 12 - 16.5
6-12 Months 26 - 29 16.5 - 23
12-18 Months 29 - 31 23 - 27
18-24 Months 31 - 33 27 - 30
2T 33 - 35 30 - 33
3T 35 - 38 33 - 36
4T 38 - 41 36 - 39