Our Organic Pima Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Why did we choose organic cotton? As parents, we aren't always aware of the potential harm that the products we use have on our children. We want to make finding quality, safe clothing easier for you, while leaving a minimal impact on our environment.  

According to Rodale Institute, cotton covers 2.5% of cultivated land, but cotton growers use almost 25% of the world’s pesticides. Eight of the top 10 pesticides most commonly used on conventionally produced cotton are classified as moderately to highly hazardous by the World Health Organization. Our organic baby clothing is made from pima cotton that is farmed without the use of pesticides or insecticides.

Not only do you and your child benefit from the growth of organic cotton, but workers have better working conditions, and the growing soil is healthier and protected from erosion. Local water is not contaminated by toxic run-off. Kinder, greener. Better.

Pima Cotton

We are a bit obsessive over the feel and quality of our clothing. Every piece must be extraordinarily soft to the touch, machine washable, and durable.

Pima cotton is an extra-long staple cotton, know for its superior fiber properties, durability and silkiness. It is the softest cotton in the world, which is why we designed our collection around sourcing the very best organic pima cotton we could find. Cultivated in the coastal valleys of Peru, where growing conditions are ideal, our pima cotton is harvested by hand, avoiding the impurities left by industrial harvesting and resulting in a brilliant, soft white cotton that is perfect for baby's and children's clothing.

And since cotton is hypoallergenic, rest assured that our clothing will not irritate your child's skin. 

If you have questions about our fabrics, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

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Size Chart
Size Height (inches) Weight (lb)
Newborn Up to 18 5 - 8
0-3 Months 18 - 23 8 - 12
3-6 Months 23 - 26 12 - 16.5
6-12 Months 26 - 29 16.5 - 23
12-18 Months 29 - 31 23 - 27
18-24 Months 31 - 33 27 - 30
2T 33 - 35 30 - 33
3T 35 - 38 33 - 36
4T 38 - 41 36 - 39