12|12 Our Story

Our Story

AmyKoenigsberger | Founder

Amy began her career in the fashion industry immediately following college. Several years later, Amy became pregnant with her first son.  By the time he was three years old, he had developed a severe allergic reaction to tree nuts. In fact, Amy and her husband would soon learn that both of their children suffered from multiple food and skin allergies. Thus began Amy's desire for clothing that was organic and gentle on the boys' skin, would wash and wear well, and also reflected her modern and clean aesthetic.  Everything on the market fell short of her expectations. Amy's extensive experience in the fashion world provided the groundwork needed to fill this void. And so, in partnership with her friend Stacey, the concept of 12|12 was born.

Stacey Effman | Founder

Stacey began her career in marketing and eventually found her passion in graphic design. Like Amy, Stacey had an interest in fashion, and she used her graphic abilities to design a line of hand-silkscreened, charitable t-shirts which she sold successfully online. She became obsessed with finding the best fabric to print her designs on; and through research, she discovered pima cotton with its unparalleled quality and softness. When Stacey and her husband learned that she was expecting their first child, she turned to Amy for advice on everything baby. Much of their conversation centered around their common interest and struggle to find organic, clean and modern children's clothing. 

Together, Amy and Stacey merged their strengths to create a brand that truly reflects their dreams.

Through 12|12, they hope to make the world a little bit kinder, simpler, greener. A little bit better.

Size Chart
Size Height (inches) Weight (lb)
Newborn Up to 18 5 - 8
0-3 Months 18 - 23 8 - 12
3-6 Months 23 - 26 12 - 16.5
6-12 Months 26 - 29 16.5 - 23
12-18 Months 29 - 31 23 - 27
18-24 Months 31 - 33 27 - 30
2T 33 - 35 30 - 33
3T 35 - 38 33 - 36
4T 38 - 41 36 - 39